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19 May — Curaçao

MGR. Niewindt College receives first Future Goals

Today was most definitely not an ordinary school day for the children of the MGR. Nieuwindt college in Curaçao. The first school on the island to receive the colorful Future Goals. Handed over by none other than Ajax players themselves. All in the context of Future Goals - a new program - initiated by AFC Ajax and Sandals Resorts International - in order to encourage children to enjoy and play football.

The Future Goals, creatively made from fishing nets sourced from the ocean and plastic waste, are donated to the school together with a net full of balls. By doing so all children can enjoy and play on a daily basis. For group six in particular, the equipment is accompanied by an 8-week sports program designed by Ajax. With a common objective of empowering children through the game of football. The first primary schools will start with the program in September and all primary schools have the opportunity to participate.

The first Future Goals recipient, Jeanne Hellburg, Head Principal at primary school MGR. Niewindt College, said: “Today was really special, a once in a lifetime opportunity for our children to engage and play with football players from Ajax. The game of football is quite popular at our school and I know for sure that we will have lots of fun with the Future Goals and accompanied balls”

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