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19 May — Curaçao

Interview with Limpi Recycling

“Let’s create awareness and be creative at the same time”. The first thought of two young entrepreneurs - Debrah Nijdam and Mitchell Lammering - when they visited the north coast of Curaçao and saw the rough waters throw plastic that was drifting in the ocean onto the shores. Both graduates from the study ‘Industrial Product Design’ and with a strong shared passion for innovation and design. It’s what made them decide to start Limpi - a local plastic recycling company with the mission to turn unwanted plastic into a thing of beauty while simultaneously keeping the island of Curaçao clean.

From fishing nets to football goals

Can you tell us a bit more about Limpi and the products that you make?
Mitchell: Limpi was founded in 2017 and we make a large variety of products from small to big, We started with keychains and coasters, but nowadays we are able to make table-tops, trash bins and even Future Goals!

Debrah: Yes, the Future Goals are a great example of our custom-made products. We love those types of projects, because it gives up the opportunity to design from scratch and since we are still product engineers that love a good challenge we were really excited when Ajax and Sandals Resorts International came with us with the idea of the colorful Future Goals.

Future Goals

What makes Future Goals special?
Mitchell: The Future Goals stand out because they are created to make an impact. Like all of our products they offer a solution to plastic waste and by doing so raise awareness as well. We show how valuable plastic waste can be and in that sense hope to encourage more people to recycle.

Debrah: Besides the recycling aspect there is more to Future Goals. Think about the positive impact this will have on the children and most importantly there is no greater feeling than being able to give back to your community.

That’s how you came across the Sandals Foundation right?
Debrah: Yes, even before opening their new resort here on the island they reached out to us. We were already in contact with Sandals Resorts about selling our recycled souvenirs in their resort shop. Based on this relation Sandals Foundation, the philanthropic arm, decided to help us out. They donated multiple much needed machines in order to create new types of products and make our processes more efficient. One of the machines donated is used to make the goalposts for the Future Goals.

"Sandals Foundation donated multiple much needed machines in order to create new types of products"

How does it work, manufacturing a Future Goal?
Mitchell: In order to create one Future Goal we need approximately 30 kilos of plastic waste. That’s a lot and a great motivation, because this plastic would have otherwise ended up in the ocean, the streets or in the landfill. Plastic waste is both collected at home and brought to us. There are companies that recycle their plastic through us and we do beach clean ups as well

"In order to create one Future Goal we need approximately 30 kilos of plastic waste"

Debrah: In case of the Future Goals - besides plastic waste - we work with old fishing nets as well. Also known as ‘ghost nets’, abandoned nets found in the ocean or washed ashore. All the work on the goal nets is done manually, we clean, repair and cut the nets and we secure them with special clips, made from recycled old black plastic bottles. The beams are made with an extruder machine, but not before the plastic is thoroughly cleaned, sorted by color and finally shredded.

Mitchell: It’s a lot of work, especially because of the color gradient in the goal posts. But it’s totally worth it. The Future Goals look amazing and at the same time they raise awareness, contribute to the recycling of plastic waste on the island and make sure that lots of local children can enjoy the game of football!

More information about Limpi, visit Limpi Recycling.

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