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‘We believe youth is the future and every child deserves to play’

Edwin van der Sar, CEO Ajax
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Why are we doing this?

Youth is the future and every child deserves to play - and dream. This is what inspires us to do our part to shape the next generation with the fun and art of playing football.


From the ocean, for the future

It starts with the proper equipment. Our colorful Future Goals are creatively made from plastic waste and fishing nets sourced from the ocean, symbolizing today’s fun and tomorrow's opportunities. By facilitating football in a sustainable way, we aim to inspire children to take care of their communities and their precious islands.


One island at a time

Our journey begins in Curaçao with the ultimately goal to scale Future Goals to other islands throughout the Caribbean, developing the program based on the unique scope and needs of each destination.

Our Partners

Future Goals wouldn’t be possible without the help of our amazing partners:

Local Partners

Get involved

Do you have a question about Future Goals? Want to get involved? Or are you representing a primary school and want to enroll? We would like to hear from you!